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Lueya has a PicFair account with some of her photography prints available to purchase. Click the "PicFair" Icon to see her profile and find her store.

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HarteStarr Designs

A Showcase home for all of Miss Harrison's Artwork, Designs, and Art Projects. Lueya makes jewelry, all sorts of art in many mediums, occasionally creates some costume & fashion designs, and logo designs, and does experimental art photography, as well as some portrait photography. Lueya is all about Creativity & Diversity. This company is housed within spi Productions Inc. Click the palette to visit Lueya's artist page! Harrison is a versatile multi medium & media artist, who is experimental, surreal, and loves to do caricatures in her own style. As a visual artist, Miss Harrison is an Interior & Experiential Designer, who is experienced in some Visual, Graphic, and Publication Design, as well as Brand Designing. She's also done some layout design, brochures, and advertisements or promotional materials, including press kits. We also do copywriting.


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Lux Angelynn Imaging - Photography Portraits by Lueya/Angel clever captures of beauty from within and without. Dare to sparkle and be boldly uniquely you. We do fashion, event, and off-shot (Behind the Scenes) photography. We also capture picturesque design images for interior design, advertising, or real estate.  Contact Miss Angel Cassidy aka Miss Harrison for inquiries at angelynncassidy@aol.com

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