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spi Productions Inc.

CEO, Miss Lueya Cecelia Harrison (also known as Miss Angelynn Cassidy Keiper-Jones) resides in Erie, Pennsylvania. An alumna of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a degree in writing and music, as well as specialized studies in Psychology and Anthropology, Miss Harrison is an award winning American poet and musician. Also known for her expertise in metaphysics and various forms of art, as well as her writing background in novellas, screenplays and video treatments, it is her flare for the macabre that makes her truly unique. Aside from her entertainment and artistic pursuits, Miss Harrison is also a Priestess, and Practitioner of Sound Healing & Reiki.

Miss Harrison created spi Productions Inc. with the vision to aid artists in accomplishing their goals. In building a strong network of diversity, artists can meet, advise and work together to overcome obstacles often found in the industry and thrive in a supported creative atmosphere. Individuals who can not accomplish goals alone, can turn to the network and achieve those goals. Miss Harrison has diligently been building the network to include an array of international writers, actors, musicians, entertainers, dancers, as well as merchandising and marketing experts. Consider the potential of the strength in numbers, embrace the possibilities of spi Productions Inc. and succeed. 

Contact Miss Harrison directly by writing to or calling us at (814)566-0524 or (814)898-4535.


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