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We are spi Productions Inc., a network of artists using the diversity of our talents to accomplish individual goals. It is our intention to rally together similar minded artists into a team so that individual artistic project goals can be reached. It is our perception that as artists, united with kindred, we become unlimited in what we can accomplish. Whether or not you are under a contract or label, we do not seek to disturb your agreements. It is our desire to build a network so we all can accomplish our dreams. We are actors, musicians, writers, directors, animators, photographers, etc., banded together to inspire, support and aid each other in all endeavors. Together, we can achieve anything! If you require further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank You!

L.C. Harrison CEO spi Productions Inc. lueya@mail.com

Tracy Starr (aka Ms. Angel Demon)

Eternal Senior Marketing Executive/Marketing Director spi Productions Inc. msangeldemon@aol.com

Erie, Pennsylvania USA