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Red Rose


Letter from the Founders

We are spi Productions Inc., a network of artists using the diversity of our talents to accomplish individual goals. It is our intention to rally together similar minded artists into a team so that individual artistic project goals can be reached. It is our perception that as artists, united with kindred, we become unlimited in what we can accomplish. Whether or not you are under a contract or label, we do not seek to disturb your agreements. It is our desire to build a network so we all can accomplish our dreams. We are actors, musicians, writers, directors, animators, photographers, etc., banded together to inspire, support and aid each other in all endeavors. Together, we can achieve anything! If you require further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank You!

L.C. Harrison CEO spi Productions Inc.

Tracy Starr (aka Ms. Angel Demon)

Eternal Senior Marketing Executive/Marketing Director spi Productions Inc.

Erie, Pennsylvania USA

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Our Story

Created by Sister entertainers with a family history in entertainment. spi's vision to empower the artist for their art, freeing them from common misconceptions created by outmoded, boxed-in, capitalistic mindsets. Lueya wanted to free her peers from the hurdles that held her back by uniting to reach goals in greater and more expansive ways. Tracy Starr's unique marketing flair will forever be a part of spi, and her star adds sparkle to everything we do and aim to achieve. 

The business construct of spi is unconventional, innovative, and holds a strong Can! attitude. Dream big and be limitless, there is always a way. We seek out the audience for the art, not make the art necessarily for the audience. There is always an audience, and true fans follow you; not just following what you did, but what you are doing! Be authentic, and true to yourself, do not try to conform. We are proud to believe in Diversity in all of its forms. Our integrity matters, and we stay genuine.

spi got its name and developed our concept through inspiration drawn from the film "Spies Like Us," where the unlikely are the most creative, successful heroes. The original concept was born in 2002, and by 2007 we launched our company. As Unconventional Artist Relations support for the Unconventional Artist, spi offers creative management & marketing, consultation & advice, promotions work & social media support in networking, and further support for Independent Performers & Artists or additional Independent assistance.


Serious inquiries please feel free to write. We are happy to meet you!

Text Mobile: 814-384-1514

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