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The Story

We Are spi Productions Inc.

"spi" Pronunciation: [spaɪ]

spi got its name and developed our concept through inspiration drawn from the film "Spies Like Us," where the unlikely are the most creative, successful heroes. The original concept was born in 2002, and by 2007 we launched our company. As Unconventional Artist Relations support for the Unconventional Artist, spi offers creative management & marketing, consultation & advice, promotions work & social media support in networking, and further support for Independent Performers & Artists or additional Independent assistance.

Marble Surface

Above our company logo,
created by Lueya
Our Name is
Spelled out & Written as: "spi"
& Read as: "sp-eye"


Embrace the Possibilities!

spi Productions Inc. is a network of artists using the diversity of our talents to accomplish individual goals. Together, united with kindred, we become unlimited in what we can accomplish.


spi is all about art for art's sake, quality entertainment, and going against the normal perceptions; when it comes to art it is the amount of creativity, talent, effort, and quality that make something best. We are true to ourselves, and never pretend to be anything other than what we are. Integrity matters to us, so we do not alter our image to blend in; we dare to stand out! We believe anything is marketable, if you seek out your audience and stay true to your vision.

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